Artificial Intelligence – Philip Hodgetts Writes the Definitive Ever-Changing Report

Where are we on the AI front today?

What will this technology do for us in the future?

Where can we go to learn more about it?

Technologist, futurist and all-around expert geek, Philip Hodgetts has written the most up-to-date report we’ve seen to date. Check his blog for the full story (and check back often, because this is all changing incredibly fast)!

Visit’s blog for an overview here: “How Machine Learning and AI Can Amplify Your Creativity.”

And the entire research white paper is on Philip’s blog here: “Becoming an Amplified Creative.”

Philip Hodgetts, Technologist/Futurist

Beyond specific NLE implementations, ML is making it’s way into almost every part of the productions process: storyboarding, production breakdowns, voice casting, digital sets, smart cameras, synthetic presenters, digital humans, voice cloning, music composition, voice overs, colorizing, image upscaling, frame rate upscaling, rotoscoping, background fill, intelligent reframing, Aging, de-aging and digital makeup, “created” images and action, Logging and organization, automatic editing (of sorts), temporization of production, analytics and personalization, storytelling, and directing.

Based on recent headlines making all sorts of claims about Artificial Intelligence (AI) it’s reasonable to wonder if you job is going to be taken over by AI. Can any sort of machine do creative work? What sort of workplace will it be if AI takes over? In this article I take an in depth look at all the ways that AI and Machine Learning (ML) are affecting every aspect of production from storytelling to visual effects.”