OWC RADiO – Found Films: Dan Halperin’s Bombshells and Dollies

Dan Halperin, producer/writer/director "Bombshells and Dollies"
Dan Halperin, producer/writer/director “Bombshells and Dollies”

(Los Angeles, 2024-05-07) Thousands of movies are made each year and buried within are some hidden treasures that you may not have seen. Our host, Cirina Catania speaks with Producer/Director, Dan Halperin, about “Bombshells and Dollies.” An entertaining, captivating look into the world of modern-day pinups and the Rockabilly scene at Viva Las Vegas. It just may change your definition of femininity. This yearly contest brings thousands of spectators and women competitors from all over the world, where diversity, individuality, and downright sexiness is celebrated with unbridled gusto. Let your hair down, or pin it up… and enjoy. You can watch the full film on Kanopy.

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Cirina Catania Host OWC RADiO
Cirina Catania Host OWC RADiO

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ABOUT OUR HOST: Filmmaker Cirina Catania, the Co-Founder and prior Executive Director of the Sundance Film Festival, and Founder and Lead Creative at The Catania Group Global, has been involved as a writer, director, producer, cinematographer or marketing exec on over 150 film, television and new media projects for the big screen as well as for networks such as National Geographic, Discovery, etc. She was a senior executive at MGM-UA and United Artists and is a member of the WGA-West, the PGA, IATSE Local 600, NPPA, the National Press Club, and more. Cirina lives in San Diego, D.C. and Berlin when she is not on the road filming for her projects or for clients, or speaking as a tech evangelist for companies such as Blackmagic Design and Lumberjack System. Cirina is the Founder and Executive Director of the High Media Collective (HSMC) a national nonprofit with top industry mentors bringing media literacy and new career pathways to classrooms across the country.