‘MIMY & TONY,’ a Mother-Son Achievement: Reflecting on Mimy and Tony Succar’s Grammy Nomination

(2024-05-12, Miami, FL, Special to the U.S. Times) Many mothers likely dream of watching their children succeed in their artistic careers, taking the stage to accept the most prestigious of awards, but how often do those mothers find themselves ushered onstage to receive these awards alongside their children?

We would like to acknowledge Mimy Succar, the mother of award-winning Peruvian-American singer Tony Succar, who was one of the lucky few who had the opportunity to receive such a distinguished honor as her debut album, MIMY & TONY, was nominated to win Best Tropical Album for the 2024 Grammy Awards on February 4th. The album is a collaborative effort between Mimi and her son, representing the fusion of multiple generations and cultural backgrounds, with Mimy embracing her Japanese heritage alongside tracks celebrating Latin American artistry.

Mimy & Tony performing in music video for Quimbara

The Grammy ultimately went to Rubén Blades’s Siembra: 45 Aniversario, but it does not diminish the significance of Mimy’s achievement as both a musician and a mother. Her and Tony’s nomination alone is a testament to the power of familial collaboration and the celebration of diverse cultural influences within the music industry, blending together into a poignant musical experience.

In the meantime, take a listen to Cirina Catania’s interview with Tony Succar on OWC RADiO, where the two discuss Tony’s undying passion for music and how growing up with a pair of musical parents fostered that love into what it is today.