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September 23, 2021


Should Private Conversations at Home Be Admissible in Court?

(Courtesy, AdAge, March 28, 2017) Advertising Age released a story written by Nathan Skid entitled, “Video: The Darker Side of Data,” spearheaded by the murder case being tried in Arkansas. The court is demanding that Amazon release recordings from the suspect’s Echo. This has implications for all of us. Read more here.

Warning: Beware of What You Do in Your Home. Your TV May be Watching

Chinese Company’s $2 Billion Deal Adds Intrigue to Vizio Smart TV Privacy Lawsuit: Plaintiffs say that Vizio TVs are too nosy already, but the issue could go cloak and dagger as LeEco purchases the U.S. company. (Jonathan Handel, Hollywood Reporter, Aug 19, 2016) We are ever vigilant for possible personal or corporate security challenges, particularly