Prominent Online Magazine, Variety, Hacked. Multiple Emails Spamming Subscriber Inboxes.

It’s not a happy Saturday for Variety Magazine’s online site. The prominent Hollywood mag’s subscriber list has been hacked by a group known as #OurMine. Multiple emails are being sent to the list and although they appear to be from Variety, lead to either a list of links, to the OurMine site, or to a “dead” page at Variety.

Ironically, the attack follows three-days behind Variety’s story about the breech and subsequent server outage at PMK-BNC Publishing that disabled their email accounts.

Calls to Variety are going unanswered as today is…not happy Saturday. We’ll update you with further developments as the story continues to unfold.

USTimes_Variety_3rd email redacted_Hacked By OurMine