IBC 2018: Philip Hodgetts’ Journal, Day 3 – Speechmatics, Future Zone, Squarebox

(Special Report to USTimes.biz from technologist, Philip Hodgetts, Pt. 3, September 16, 2018)

Our Sunday started early as we had another appointment back at the Speechmatics stand that took a good portion of our morning.

We sat in on some of the presentations in the Innovation Zone (Future Zone) where the future technology is being previewed, including a clever use of Artificial Intelligence for coloring black and white moving pictures.

In fact, there is a lot of AI across the show, including the two presentations we attended. The first from the CEO of Squarebox (CatDV) who gave a good overview of the role of AI in asset management, particularly in metadata extraction from the assets.

I was quite disappointed in the presentation by Avid’s CTO who seemed to confuse computer algorithms, like we’ve been using for decades, with current Machine Learning. There was so much misleading content that we felt compelled to leave the presentation.

The new North/South subway has improved access to the RAI dramatically, connecting with the city in an 8-minute ride, running every 6 minutes.

But the stations are very deep, and very dramatic in design.