OWC RADiO on USTimes – Chris Brown Reflects on NAB 2023 and Reveals Plans for NAB 2024

(May 30, 2023, Special to USTimes) Chris Brown, the Executive VP and Managing Director of Global Connections and Events for the media and entertainment’s preeminent convention, NAB, speaks with OWC RADIO host, Cirina Catania in this exclusive interview about NAB 2023 and…wait for it…reveals their plans for NAB 2024. Bottom line, if you are an exhibitor at the annual event in Las Vegas, better get your booth reservations in ASAP. Things are going to change!

The National Association of Broadcasters celebrated its 100th anniversary this year and registration was up from the prior year with over 65,000 attendees from 166 countries and 1,280 exhibitors. Over 17,400 people traveled from international countries and were met with all the latest in broadcast, media and entertainment innovations. This marketplace is the go-to solution if you are looking for “all that is powering the future of broadcast, media and entertainment.”

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This episode is edited by Cirina Catania on Final Cut with Lumberjack Builder. Music licensed rom Megatrax, “Wild Fandango.” OWC’s intro features the voice of Ted Limpert.