IBC 2018: Day 2, ATOMOS, Apple, Adobe, Blackmagic, Avid, Boris FX, GrayMeta and Speechmatics (whew!)

(September 15, 2018, Special Report to USTimes.biz by Philip Hodgetts)

Final Cut Pro X Central this year was at the ATOMOS Theater where Apple Product Marketing and other expert presenters showed ProRes RAW workflows and the latest in FCP X. It was also the place to catch up with others in the FCP X world.

At NAB it’s the South Hall, that houses our favorite companies, but in Amsterdam, it’s Hall 7 for Adobe, Blackmagic, Avid, Blackmagic and Boris FX. So naturally, we spent a lot of time there, although we did a side trip to Hall 5 for a demo of Frame.io, which is a great choice for review and approval. We were exploring how we can integrate Builder with Frame.io.

Demo of ProRes Raw in the ATOMOS booth.

In Hall 7 is GrayMeta who automatically extract metadata from media. That’s the future of (in part) logging and look closely, that’s a lot of types of metadata to be extracted. They have a Premiere Pro panel that we’re trying to get a demo of.
Hall 7 Entrance at IBC 2018.

We spent a lot of time at the Speechmatics booth. You can probably guess why, but if you can’t, come to the FCPX Creative Summit in early November and find out.

The tail end of the day saw us at LumaForge’s IBC home for a demo of the easiest shared storage setup I’ve ever seen. Literally one click and about 30 seconds. That silver box is the shared storage.

We finished the day with a riverboat ride dinner hosted by LumaForge at the excellent Riva, where we had – yet another – outstanding meal.

Day three will see more meetings with Speechmatics and more time at the ATOMOS booth. Maybe we’ll see you there?