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July 27, 2021

Cirina Catania interviews

Award-Winning Composer, Simon Franglen, Geeks Out About Gear on OWC RADiO

This world-class music composer/producer is best known for his Golden Globe nominated work on Avatar and Grammy winning work on Titanic. His credits include four of the top grossing films of all time and six of the top selling albums. Simon talks with OWC RADiO Host, Cirina Catania, about the behind the scenes of working

The Art of Business: OWC RADiO Interview with Peter Hamilton of DocumentaryBusiness.com

Hamilton and Host Cirina Catania uncover the landscape of SVOD, OTT and answer questions about DEALS! Listen here on Apple Podcasts. Subscribe to get notices of new interviews. Share with your friends on social media. You will be appreciated and will get virtual hugs. OWC RADiO is sponsored by Other World Computing with Cirina Catania

The Art of Film: Bradley Olsen and “Off the Tracks,” the history of Final Cut Pro

(Salt Lake City, Utah, June 13, 2018) Bradley Olsen owns Fedora Pictures in Salt Lake City and a major fan of the Indiana Jones movies. A quiet, normally introverted person, he gets animated when talking about his directorial debut. On June 27th at the LACPUG event in Hollywood, Brad will be premiering “Off the Tracks,”

The Art of Tech: Richard Taylor Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

(Baltimore, Maryland, June 13, 2018, Written by US Times Senior Editor, Cirina Catania) Radio Host, Musician, Film Editor, Audio Editor, Composer…and Swingdancer! You’ve never known all this about Richard Taylor, Host of Final Cut Pro Radio…at least not until now. Amazing what you learn about someone just by taking the time to TALK, something we

BoxCaster: Plug-in and Stream Solution from BoxCast, Interview with Gordon Daily

(San Diego, CA, March 9, 2018 by Cirina Catania, Sr. Editor) Live steaming has been around since the late 1990’s and many of us have, in the last few years, held up our iPhones and streamed live to Facebook and our friends. If you want a professional solution allowing you to broadcast a high-end image

The Art of Tech: Gurus, Philip Hodgetts and Dr. Gregory Clarke Impact Media and Entertainment Worldwide – Pt. 2

(Chatsworth, CA, February 9, 2018, Part Two of a three-part interview by Cirina Catania) Continuing our interview with Philip Hodgetts and Dr. Gregory Clarke of Intelligent Assistance and Lumberjack System, we asked about their arrival as immigrants and the birth of their tech solutions that began over a decade ago. BEHIND THE SCENES OF A

The Art of Directing & VFX: Jean-Marie Marbach Talks Cosmic Disco, Trapcode MIR, and Particles

(Paris, France)  Content’s crown as king may be slipping, but creativity inspires. And incredible creativity becomes classic. It is burned into our psyches. We had the good fortune to spend some time with Jean-Marie Marbach, a French Director and VFX Artist, after the release of his music video, “Fiebre En La Disco,” a surrealistic look