OWC RADiO -How to Tell if Someone is Lying – Faith Hibbs Clark Tells All

Faith Hibbs Clark is an acting coach with a very different approach. She’s a seasoned casting director and former deception detection body language expert. In other words, she knows when someone is lying and she can teach us how to figure it out as well. We’re going to talk about that on this episode of OWC RADiO.  I kid you not..truthfully,..for real…OK, you get the drift. Listen in as she has a lively (and possibly honest?) conversation with our host, Cirina Catania. Oh, and they also dish about men and relationships…This is a fun one!

Faith Hibbs-Clark has embarked on quite the journey! From completing her degree in psychology and communication from Arizona State University to starting her own casting company, Good Faith Casting, she boasts a highly accomplished career.

Though her daughter, Bella Hibbs, now holds the reigns at Good Faith Casting, Faith Hibbs-Clark continues utilizing her 20 years of experience as a casting director, working in the chair for many high-profile studios, including Sony, Paramount, and Disney, with one of her most recent films being Daddy’s Daughter Trip starring and directed by Rob Schneider.

She is also widely recognized for adopting and teaching the “Communication Method for Actors,” which focuses on how an actor is perceived instead of how an actor ties emotionally to their characters, helping up-and-coming talent land their breakout roles!

However, there is far more to her story. If any of these incredible accomplishments I had listed were lies, there’s a high chance I would get caught. Why? She is also a former body language deception detection expert, and on this episode of OWC RADiO, she is going to teach us the ins and outs of lie detecting!

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