“Legends Ultimate” first Connected Arcade launches from AtGames with over 350 Built-In Games

AtGames has recently introduced the world the very first Connected Arcade™- the Legends Ultimate!

According to AtGames, this release is, “Taking the world by storm. This arcade includes 350 built-in games, ArcadeNet™, BYOG™ (Bring Your Own Game), HDMI/USB peripheral options and more, making it the most versatile and value-driven product of its type.”

USA Today is calling the Legends Ultimate the missing piece to every man cave and CNET has stated that BYOG has “the potential to greatly expand what you can do with the system.“

All cabinets feature professional, arcade-quality controls, two joysticks, two spinners, a trackball, and two pairs of six action buttons make the amazing games from Disney, Atari, The Tetris Company, Data East, and other top publishers play their best.

Visit them at booth E-13 & E-15 for ShowStoppers, January 7, 2020.