Carlisle, Corvettes, Congregation and Camaraderie at the 2017 Carlisle Corvette Show

The 2017 “Corvettes at Carlisle” show hosted a parade of 577 Corvettes in downtown Carlisle on Saturday, August 26.

(August 31, 2017, Carlisle, PA)
(All photos by Cirina Catania)

Since June 30,1953 when the first Corvette was born in Flint, Michigan, these two-seater beauties have captured the hearts of millions. Only 300 were produced that year and accessories were limited, a heater and an AM radio, but it was love at first sight for car aficionados.

Participants in the 2017 Corvettes at Carlisle Show and Parade came from as far away as the Netherlands.

Imagine a flashy red and white 150-hp beauty with a two-speed Powerglide transmission, flying by while Dean Martin croons, “That’s Amore.” It was an interesting time in the world. A tornado had tragically taken the lives of 115 people in Flint earlier that month, Queen Elizabeth II had been crowned and pop icon Cindy Lauper was born that same month. The Corvette made it into the history books as well.

This year as in the past 35 years, the not so sleepy small American town of Carlisle, PA hosts “Corvettes at Carlisle.” Lance Miller, Bill Miller Jr., and Bill Miller III, Co-Owners, were on hand along with Jody Morrison, Executive Assistant/Concessions Mgr and her team, all carrying on the legend of the Corvette and creating an exciting event with four days of cars, coffee, congregation and camaraderie.

Pastor Star Scott prayed with members of a visiting congregation on Sunday. The church uses high-end cars to travel the world and help spread the gospel.

The annual event is dedicated to the memory of Chip Miller, who died from complications of Amyloidosis in 2004. It also featured cars with a mission, like this one that has traveled over 280,000 miles to raise awareness for those with cancer.

Over 5,000 Corvettes were gathered on the fairgrounds this year, where they were bought, sold and simply admired by 55,000 visitors. The four-day event was filled with visitors from all over the world and on Saturday, August 26, 577 cars traveled through Carlisle for an annual parade and street party. Young and old gathered, bought bottled water in support of the Rotary Club, enjoyed huge bags of kettle corn, gathered around in lawn chairs with old friends and family and danced to the music of, “That Band.”

“That Band” entertained with oldies and still goodies.

On the fairgrounds, there were fresh Funnel Cakes, Italian Sausages with onions and peppers, french fries, homemade pretzel loaves, and a host of vendors featuring BBQ, traditional Pennsylvannia Dutch cooking and … yes … cookies.

Visitors were enjoying a mini museum, winning prizes, including a new Corvette! (You can see the full list of winners HERE.)

The Corvette has grown up since it’s great-grand-daddy first drove the streets of Michigan, and it now sports a 460-hp 6.2L LT1V8 engine. Bigger and better? Maybe, but, the spirit is the same. It’s an American Dream riding the streets of the USA. spreading cheer, sharing adventure and still making history.

Side note confession: One of this writer’s fondest memories is the year she drove with a friend to the Formula One races in Clermont Ferrand, France (she’s not saying how many years ago) in a 1967 Chevy Corvette!

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