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Gear Review: NEET Laptop Bags are Smart, Expandable, Neat and Make Road Warrior Life Easier

We may just have found THE laptop bag for those of us who travel all the time and need something in which to store our laptop or iPad in as well as the cords and miscellaneous equipment that go with them. The NEET bag is surprisingly well designed and I’ve now adopted it as my go-to bag. Just bought two of them for my daughters as well!

The custom-designed shoulder strap hides my earbud cables and keeps them from getting all tangled into spaghetti.
NEET Bag @72_-09746

NEET Bag @72_-09748

The NEET bag hangs on my shoulder or sometimes I keep itinside my carry-on and take it out before I get on the plane so that it is stored directly under my seat for easy access. Because it is well padded, I don’t have to worry about breaking the glass on my large iPad Pro.

The NEET laptop will get you organized and ready to travel with ease!
The NEET laptop will get you organized and ready to travel with ease!
There is a hidden loop-strap that hangs it on the handle of my suitcase. Other bags have this feature, but NEET goes one step further. One of the details that I love is the hidden zippered compartment on the back of the looped strap on the back of the bag that is reachable without having to remove it from the suitcase handles when it is hanging. I can reach in for easy access to travel documents or ID.

Sometimes it is the little things that make gear comfortable and the NEET bag has a light-colored interior lining, which makes finding things much easier that those other laptop bags that have a black interior. No more rummaging to find my mouse and other smaller items.
NEET Bag @72_-09751

And for security/safety concerns, there are plenty of hidden compartments for things such as passports, wallets, keys, cash, etc.

In case you are wondering what I put in here in addition to my iPad or laptop…I carry a journal for those time when I’m “analog,” business cards, (plus mouse and keyboard if I am bringing my laptop), my iPad pencil, pen, lipstick (yes), charging cables,travel documents and press pass as well as a wallet with my credit cards and cash (hidden inside an inside zippered pocket).
NEET Bag @72_-09753

NEET Bag @72_-09752

NEET Bag @72_-09750

Note: because of all I have to carry, the bag is not large enough to include both my laptop and my iPad, so I opt for whichever one I’m most likely to be using on the plane.

The designers put a lot of thought into this and I am grateful! Thanks, guys!

At approximately $59 retail, and in colors such as blue, black or red, this just might be a very welcome addition to your arsenal of gear.

You can find out more by clicking on this LINK.