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July 26, 2021


The Art of Joy: Cirina Catania on the Lumaforge “Faster Together Stage.”

(August 29,2018) We’ve been asked to include an easy to find link to Cirina Catania’s talk about the Art of Joy, entitled, “Surviving Creative Landmines in Filmmaking.” It was given on the Lumaforge, “Faster Together” stage in Las Vegas during NAB 2018 and has inspired many people, even those who don’t work in TV or

Bits and Bytes: Panasonic Releases Educational Videos Re: Cinema Cam AU-EFA1 5.7K

For those using the new handheld cinema camera from Panasonic, the AU-EFA1 5.7K, Panasonic has just released a series of five tutorials aimed at helping you understand features and functions. Mitch Gross, Cinema Product Manager at Panasonic Media and Entertainment Company, says clients will find these videos useful. We agree. For more information on the

Geek Gear: Droning ALTA 8, Phantom Miro, Freefly

Tabb Firchau, of CineStar, writes a detailed and very interesting case study of his recent shoot with Hugh Bell and their newest product, the large drone, ALTA 8, which can handle up to 40lbs.The Phantom Miro shot at 1500fps at 1080p mounted to a MoVI M15 gimbal on an ALTA. For his detailed tutorial and