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July 28, 2021


Opinion: Exarchia, Anarchy and a Better World

Thought for the day: The Exarchia neighborhood in Athens, Greece is filled with secret alleyways, enticing walkways, and narrow, cobble-stoned streets. I took this picture a few minutes before dawn on an early morning exploration. Graffiti, opinion, Vespas and soft light leading to a sign reading, “Ennoia Publications.” Communication by art, by word and by

The Art of: Cursive Writing – California Woman’s Amazing Discovery!

(Los Angeles, CA, Dec 28, 2016, Story by Cirina Catania) A California woman has discovered an unnoticed ancient art that has been buried for years. Historians believe this artform was taught to young children in elementary school during primitive times before the advent of the Internet, cell phones and Facebook. It was known as, “cursive

The Art Of Video: French Director Jean-Marie Marbach’s Homage to 80’s Cosmic Disco

French Director Jean Marie Marbach and Elefant Records have released a new video, “Fiebre En La Disco.” The homage to Cosmic Disco features references to classic Sci Fi influences such as Space: 1999 and Logan’s Run and made heavy use of After Effects and Trapcode. Sources tell us it was created for under 2,000 Euros.