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September 23, 2021

Unions & Guilds

Guilds: Note to WGA Members Who Write for VR

A reminder just in from the Writer’s Guild of America: November 6, 2017 VIRTUAL REALITY IS COVERED BY THE MBA As Virtual Reality technology and platforms continue to develop, so do potential writing opportunities for WGA members. It is important for you to remember, and to remind your representatives, that literary material written for virtual

SAG-AFTRA Sets Strike Date Against Video Game Industry

Attorney Jonathan Handel recently reported on the pending negotiations between SAG-AFTRA and the video game industry. His article in the Hollywood Reporter can be found HERE. SAG-AFTRA also published an information sheet for its members. We had more questions about how this will affect members and what might be happening behind those closed doors. Companies

SAG-AFTRA: Ken Howard’s Passing and a Look to the Future, Audio Interview with Attorney Jonathan Handel

Jonathan Handel is an attorney specializing in Entertainment, Technology and Labor. He is of counsel with TroyGould and is also a Contributing Editor for the Hollywood Reporter. Handel interviews with US Times Sr. Correspondent, Cirina Catania about the past, present and immediate future of SAG-AFTRA in the wake of Ken Howard’s death this week. Listen