FORGET 5G – 6G Is On the Ten-Year Horizon With Brainstorm and the 6G Bricks Project

Brainstorm Contributes to 6G Bricks: Pioneering Interactive Video-Conferencing in Virtual Spaces

(Madrid, Spain, March 13, 2023, Special to the US Times in collaboration with Cirina Catania) As the world awaits the advancements of 6G technology, Brainstorm, a leading company specializing in real-time 3D graphics, virtual sets, and augmented reality solutions, has made significant strides in the European Project 6G Bricks. Co-funded by the European Commission under the Horizon Europe Programme, this R&D initiative aims to explore the capabilities of the 6G network by developing an interactive video-conference system within virtual spaces. Brainstorm’s participation in this project underscores their commitment to pushing the boundaries of connectivity and redefining the possibilities of wireless communication.

The Vision: Under the leadership of Christos Verikoukis from the Industrial Systems Institute / ATHENA – Research and Innovation Centre, the 6G Bricks project brings together a consortium of experts to test and validate the potential of the 6G network. Brainstorm’s R&D Project Manager, Francisco Ibáñez, emphasizes the immense benefits offered by the 6G network, which prompted the project to focus on testing various methods for recording volumetric videos and developing an interactive video-conference system.

Unlocking the Potential: Javier Montesa, the Technical Coordinator at Brainstorm, explains that the primary objective of their participation is to assess how the capabilities of the 6G network can support the deployment of this cutting-edge technology. As depth sensors improve in quality and buffers with significantly greater resolution become available, the development team at Brainstorm aims to rescale depth buffers to the largest size permitted by the 6G network, utilizing advanced coding methods. The goal is to create an interactive video-conferencing system that seamlessly operates within virtual environments, leveraging current and upcoming sensor technologies.

The Future of Telepresence: Brainstorm’s ambitious undertaking aligns with their broader vision of incorporating remote participants into broadcast programs, fostering a new era of telepresence. Building upon the telepresence module developed in the Admire project, Brainstorm envisions combining the results of 6G Bricks to enable remote participants to be seamlessly integrated into live broadcasts. This innovative approach has the potential to revolutionize the way we experience video conferences and bridge the gap between physical and virtual spaces.

Stay Informed: The progress of the 6G Bricks project and the exciting results achieved by Brainstorm can be closely followed on the official project website at Stay tuned to their social media channels for the latest updates on this pioneering endeavor.

Conclusion: As Brainstorm actively participates in the European Project 6G Bricks, their expertise in real-time 3D graphics, virtual sets, and augmented reality solutions contributes significantly to the development of an interactive video-conference system within virtual spaces. By exploring the capabilities of the 6G network, Brainstorm aims to redefine the way we connect and collaborate, paving the way for a future where telepresence and virtual environments seamlessly merge. The European Union’s Horizon Europe Programme’s support for this project further reinforces the importance and potential of 6G technology in shaping the future of wireless communication.

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