Malaga Film Festival Premieres with Christie Cinema RGB Laser Projectors

MALAGA, Spain (March 21, 2022 – Special to the US Times) – Christie® today announced that its RGB pure laser projectors are being used for the first time at the Malaga Film Festival, one of Spain’s biggest film events, open from 18 through 27 March 2022, at the Palacio de Deportes sports arena and other venues.

This year’s fest marks its silver anniversary and over 3,000 people are expected to attend in the arena.

The gala opening of the Malaga Film Festival
The Malaga Film Festival is celebrating its 25th Year and utilizes the latest projection technology from Christie.

Christie partner Sercine, an official festival collaborator, is overseeing integration and support for the event’s projection solutions.

Sercine installed a Christie CP4430-RGB projector (28,000 lumens, 4K resolution) to light up the impressive screen measuring 22 meters (72 ft) wide by 9.2 meters  (30 ft) high.

“Because the opening ceremony was held in such a large venue, with a screen of gigantic proportions, with a capacity of over 3000 spectators, we needed a projector that could guarantee the quality of image we were looking for, and the CP4430-RGB ticked all the boxes,” explained Fernando Ramírez, the technical manager of the Malaga Film Festival.

The Malaga Film Festival also recently installed a Christie CP4415-RGB projector (15,000 lumens, 4K resolution) in Screen 1 at Cines Albéniz, one of the festival’s main sites. “The strength of this projector is the quality of the image. And this is not just something only the engineers working here appreciate, we’ve been told as such by our regular clients, who have congratulated us for it. And this is true for both 2K and 4K movies. Other advantages are its reliability and durability and the fact that it is so intuitive and user-friendly,” said Fernando Ramírez.

He added: “The arena is not a conventional cinema theatre. It has large windows and even though we can cover them with curtains, there is inevitably still a considerable amount of ambient light, but with this powerful projector we can guarantee an image quality that would be impossible with other projectors.”

The CP4430-RGB and CP4415-RGB pure laser projectors come with built-in CineLife+™ electronics and Real|Laser™illumination. They afford a powerful and vibrant visual experience, using Multi-Laser Pack Devices (MPDs) to produce a wide gamut of colors –reproducing over 95% of Rec. 2020– as well as offering exceptional brightness, uniformity of image, and contrast.

Christie’s working relationship with the Malaga Film Festival goes back many years. The seven projectors the festival owns are all Christie. “The experience has been more than positive, as we have never had the slightest hiccup with the projectors since we first started working with Christie. And that is important for us because when you host a festival and all eyes are on you, you want to give spectators and the directors viewing their films in the different sections the best possible quality,” argued Ramírez.

This year the festival will screen 1949 audiovisual creations from 53 countries. The festival’s official section includes 21 films (13 from Spain and eight from Latin America), 19 of them in competition for the annual Biznaga de Oro, the festival’s coveted award.

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