Families, Flags, Food and Fun at York Springs’ 150th

(York Springs, PA, August 25, 2018, All Photos by Cirina Catania, Senior Editor, if you repost, please attribute the photo credit! Thanks.)

Did the whole town come out for the 150th Anniversary Celebration in York Springs, PA? It seems like it!

Everyone was having a great time. I saw lots of families, some fun dancing and beautiful happy faces.

If you want to see what is great about America, stop by next time you are traveling through Pennsylvannia.

Thanks to everyone who let me take their picture. Sorry I don’t have all your names…But I appreciate your willingness to talk to a stranger and it was nice to meet you all!

At the end of the evening, I wandered back to my car lit by the full moon with the smell of kettle corn still taunting me and music echoing into the night, soon to be overtaken by crickets looking for love.

Love was definitely in the air. Life is good.

Rachel Medford (9) said the Bug Man’s bugs were, “Really weird, like little sticks, but so cute!”
Close up on one of the Bug Man’s little creatures.
Not yucky…but kind of weird, right?
Fun reactions from Blake Lady and his family as they look at the bugs being exhibited by the “Bug Man.”

Kettle corn was popular with fest goers.

Old friends and their historical photos. Imagine the stories they could tell us!

Volunteers sell t-shirts to raise money for local charities.

The 4H Club was well represented.

Renee and Doug Knight of the Bermudian Jaycees.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Aiello, with the “Walk for Water” team.

“Peep and Re-Peep,” besties Pennie Gilbert and Janet Shafe.

Even Grandma got up and danced!

Lilly Keller calls out Bingo under an American flag dating back to 1934.