Richard Taylor

The Art of Tech: Richard Taylor Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

(Baltimore, Maryland, June 13, 2018, Written by US Times Senior Editor, Cirina Catania) Radio Host, Musician, Film Editor, Audio Editor, Composer…and Swingdancer! You’ve never known all this about Richard Taylor, Host of Final Cut Pro Radio…at least not until now. Amazing what you learn about someone just by taking the time to TALK, something we don’t do enough of these days.

Richard Taylor, Final Cut expert, musician and swing dancer.

A few weeks ago, Richard Taylor, Host of the popular Final Cut Radio, interviewed me for his show. It was so much fun that I decided to turn the tables on him and ask him all about his life for my blog. We’ve posted our conversation HERE for you to enjoy (yes, click this link to access the track on Soundcloud).

And for those of you who don’t listen to podcasts, we’ll be posting the transcription shortly.

And if you know Richard, you expected to see a computer keyboard, or a Final Cut Pro timeline, or a…well anything but what you are about to experience..nope, not your usual Richard Taylor! We’ve got the inside scoop and it is lots of fun!

Plug in your Airpods, turn on the player in your car, go for a jog, or just relax with a nice glass of your favorite beverage. We hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane and discussion of things to come in the tech world with one of our favorite “creatives.”

Thanks for listening! (Yes, we mean it… you are important to us, and you are also our USTimes family, so we feel comfortable letting you in on these private-made-public conversations.)

Here are some of the highlights:

We know him as a Final Cut Pro expert, a technologist and the Host of Final Cut Radio, but did you know????

Richard Taylor’s podcasts, Roots Rock Radio and Final Cut Pro Radio have had over one million downloads from itunes.
Richard Taylor still composes and plays on his ’69 Strat.

He is in post production on a documentary about the music group, Razz.

Richard Taylor is writer/director/producer/editor/music composer of the work-in-progress documentary about the semi-legendary band, Razz.


The Zapruder Film which captured the Kennedy Assassination lived quietly in the National Archives and Richard Taylor actually got to film it being inspected as it is done once every ten years.
Frames from the original Zapruder film that captured Kennedy’s assassination.


Richard once got to mic up Steven Spielberg. (No, we don’t have a picture of that.)

And he was the live audio mixer when former President Obama gave a speech at the National Archives.

President Obama had the pleasure of meeting Richard Taylor during his sting as producer/editor at the National Archives.


He’s got lots of tips and tricks for us when we are editing audio.

He loved working at the National Archives and filmed and produced their first Hi-Def program that ended up on the website.

Our Senior Editor, Cirina Catania (yes, me) is incredibly jealous of his Neumann microphone. Darn it, Richard! Why, why, why? I want one!

And…best of ALL…he met his girlfriend swing dancing!

Note from the editor: “I’m done now. I’m going to go get a life. This is awesome!”

Cirina Catania, signing off.