Guilds: Note to WGA Members Who Write for VR

A reminder just in from the Writer’s Guild of America:

November 6, 2017

As Virtual Reality technology and platforms continue to develop, so do potential writing opportunities for WGA members. It is important for you to remember, and to remind your representatives, that literary material written for virtual reality programs (VR) is covered by the new media side letter in the MBA. If you are hired to write VR content, whether original or derivative (including any promotional virtual reality project you work on while staffed on a show), you must confirm that the company employing you is a WGA signatory and that your work is covered by a WGA agreement or you will be in violation of Working Rule 8.

If you need assistance negotiating a contract for VR, contact the WGAW Contracts Department at (323) 782-4501 or To check the signatory status of an employer, contact the WGAW Signatories Department at (323) 782-4514 or

For all other questions, please contact Member Organizing at (323) 782-4567 or