A quiet American morning in Pennsylvannia.

Cirina Catania

Under American Skies

A quiet morning in a small American town.

Good morning, America. This is from Mom’s house – where bright yellow school busses pass on quiet streets, cicadas are sleeping, hiding from the morning birds and the smell of fresh-cut grass mixes well with the taste of coffee in a “World’s Best Mom” cup. Neighbors wave as they drive off to work, jog by with baseball caps bouncing or amble along with dogs happy to be liberated from the confines of their house. But this would never make the news. So, perhaps it is to us to remind each other that, at the core, this is a beautiful country. Yes, there are things that need to be fixed, but just for one morning, it is nice to take a break, to be thankful for all we have. I will joust at windmills later today.