Gear: The Rolleiflex Hipjib Takes the Load Off


From German-born photographer, videographer and inventor Gert Wagner and the folks at International Supplies, comes the Rolleiflex hipjib, one of those small pieces of gear that really helps in the field. When you’re shooting in a crowded situation with a tripod or monopod and find it hard to navigate through the maddening mess of photographers and you’re carrying your sticks and setting up, tearing down, moving again, there is now a solution. Maybe our arms are tired (but we’ll never admit it even if we want to “give it a rest,”). Now we can just mount our rig on the Hipjib and let the gear do the lifting. It’s a fact that equipment just seems to get heavier as the day wears on, doesn’t it? This accessory can help.

As Gert says, “Whether on stormy seas, in small aircraft, rugged terrain, crowded places, or even underwater,” hipjib pitches in and makes life easier. “We hope working with the hipjib is as inspiring to you as it has been for us,” he continues.

Thanks, Gert. We don’t like to overload our gear bags with lots of “stuff,” but the hipjib is an exception to the rule, as it definitely comes in handy and keeps those muscles from fatigue during long shoots!

You can purchase the Rollei GmbH 22559 Hip Jib Video Stabilizer on Amazon for $159.99