Cirina Catania

Audio: Philip Hodgetts: Google Web Speech API – Hope on the Horizon?

Philip Hodgetts March 2015-1Creatives have been looking for a speech to text solution that can be integrated into their NLE’s for years. Many companies have tried various solutions and they work for certain applications, but, many have languished in the background when it comes to high-end production. Yes, Siri may be our best friend during rush hour, but does she have the stamina to handle the rigors of post production? Last week, Google announced another player in the field with a new version of their web speech API. Philip Hodgetts, Metadata Guru and Co-Founder of both Lumberjack System and Intelligent Assistance, is an expert on most things technical. He joins Cirina Catania today to peek under the hood so we can get a closer look and figure out whether or not this might be helpful to our upcoming projects. What does Google have in store?

Listen to US Times interview with Philip Hodgetts here.